Dimplex Revillusion – the Best Realistic Electric Fireplace?

Out of all the units on the market, I chose to install the Dimplex Revillusion in my own home. Below, I explain why, and what I think about it now.

Photo of the Realistic Flames, Logs and Embers  in My Dimplex Electric Fireplace

Why I Chose an Electric Fireplace…

I used to have an ancient wood-burning insert in my fireplace that looked atrocious – plus it didn’t even work. I wanted to replace it, but didn’t know if I should stick with wood burning or go with gas, electric or even pellet.

Is There Such a Thing as a Realistic Electric Fireplace? I Review the Dimplex Revillusion Insert that I Actually Installed in My Own Living Room...There were so many factors to consider – installation cost, operating cost, maintenance, ease of use, look, etc.. The more I researched and compared, the more I liked electric fireplaces.

1. Low Maintenance Fireplace

First of all, these low maintenance inserts require virtually no cleaning. Although I enjoy the look, smell and sound of a wood fire, I liked the idea of skipping chimney cleanings and continual ash removal. At most, faux logs might need a light dusting every so often.

2. Easy, Fast & Cheap Installation

Second, electric units don’t need venting, gas lines or even a chimney. This makes installation much cheaper, easier and faster. Plus, you typically don’t need a permit.

3. No Fireplace Emissions

Third, LED flames don’t produce air-polluting smoke. If you live in an area that regularly has burning restrictions, this becomes even more of a decision-maker.

4. Use Fireplace With or Without Heat

Fourth, electric fireplaces can run with or without heat. Therefore, you can lower your operating cost while still enjoying the flickering ambiance. I even plan to use mine in the summer for added ambiance while not having to heat up the house.

But Could I Really Find a Realistic Electric Fireplace?

Before I made my final decision, I needed to find a unit that produced flames that actually looked real. You know what I mean. Most $200 models simply don’t look realistic.

In addition to watching videos online, asking lots of questions and speaking with sellers, I visited plenty of showrooms. I needed to see the flames (and logs and embers) for myself.

What I Chose: I ended up choosing the Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace insert. Here is the 30″ version. The flickering flames looked pretty realistic a few feet away, and at a 10-foot distance, I can’t tell whether it’s gas or electric.

By the way, you can install these either in a wall or within an existing fireplace. Furthermore, you can purchase or build a mantel around it to create the illusion of a built-in fireplace.

This model has the traditional logs I wanted, plus a herringbone brick-looking background which adds to the realistic appearance. I also like the fact that this fireplace looks great even when it is off.

Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Insert - With Flames and Without

In addition, the insert includes a convenient built-in heater with fan. I can quickly heat a room if I want.

Fireplace Size Options:

Complete Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Review:

Now that I have the unit installed and operating, I can tell you exactly how my decision turned out. In short: I love it!

1. Was Installation Difficult?

Installation was super easy (Just like they said – imagine that!). In fact, the package comes with the insert with wires and a remote control. Simply connect the wiring, slide the fireplace into place and your project is done.

Dimplex Plug Kit to Convert a hardwire Electric Fireplace to a Plug-In UnitBy the way, do you already have an electrical outlet (I’d suggest plugging in to a dedicated circuit)? You can purchase a plug-in accessory that converts the wires to a 3-prong plug. This way, you don’t have to hard-wire your unit.

2. Are the Flames Realistic?

Yes, the flames look real, especially at night from 8-10 feet away. When I stand up close (about 1 foot), I can look down between the logs and see the LED light. Then, it doesn’t look authentic.

I’m not sure exactly how Dimplex gets the flames to look so real. They flicker sporadically with no noticeable pattern, even when I starred at them =).

However, I do know that they use a mirrored/frosted acrylic panel to make the flames look like they are coming out from between the logs. They call it the “Mirageā„¢ Flame Panel” because it shows only dazzling flames and no reflections. Most other units reflect the flame image onto the back wall of the fireplace, making it appear not-so-real.

Side Note: The most unrealistic part of the insert is the ember bed. It looks like molded plastic. To solve this problem, I purchased a bag of lava rock from Lowe’s and placed it around the edges of the plastic-looking lava. It looks great now, and this simple fix cost me less than $10.

Using Lava Rock on Ember Bed in Electric Fireplace

3. Pros & Cons of the Fireplace Heater:

The heater works quickly (within 30 seconds) and starts blowing out warm air through the top front vent. However, the air blows upward. Therefore, if you sit on the floor in front of the logs, you won’t feel the warm air blowing on you.

The vent runs across the top front of the fireplace and is barely noticeable. Compared to other infrared units, it does not shine a red light when operating. So, besides the sound of the fan blowing, it is very discreet.

Heater Vent on the Top Front of the Dimlex Revillusion Electric Fireplace

The fan does not sound excessively loud. However, you can hear it, and it does sound like a fan. As a result, if I want a more realistic fireplace experience (and I don’t need the heat), I just turn off the heater.

The big advantage to not using the heating aspect of the fireplace is that you are only paying to power the LED bulb. This basically costs pennies per hour. Plus, you can use it year-round!

4. What About the Cost?

The Dimplex Revillusion costs more than many similar-sized models. I attribute this to the high-tech design and the powerful heater. In my opinion, this realistic electric fireplace is well worth the additional cost.

Plus, this insert helped me save money in several ways.

  1. First, I did not have to extend a gas line to the fireplace (or pay for a permit).
  2. Second, wiring took under an hour, and I didn’t have to pay a contractor for several hours of work.
  3. Third, I can run the unit without heat and probably save thousands of dollars for years to come…

5. Should You Get Glass Fireplace Doors?

Glass Fireplace Doors for the Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace 36"I did not purchase the glass front or glass door accessories. Personally, I like the open feel. Also, I wanted to save about $250.

That said, you can buy these add-ons separately and prevent dust from settling on the logs (if that’s even a problem). The glass doors may even create a more real-looking fireplace.

Model # RBF30
Volts 120/208/240
Wattage 1300/1975/2575
Amps 10.8/9.5/10.7
BTU’s 4400/6745/8794
Height 26 5/8″
Depth 12 1/8″
Width 31 1/4″
Weight 50 lbs
Bulb Type LED
Remote Yes
Wiring Hardwire or get optional Plug-In Kit

Even More Information:


Napoleon Allure – Making an Electric Wall Fireplace Look Built-In

Napoleon Allure Electric Fireplace

This room may appear to have a built-in fireplace. However, you are simply seeing Napoleon Allure wall-hanging electric fireplace.

Do You Hang this Fireplace on a Wall… or Recess it?

You can actually hang or recess this unit flat into a wall.

If you hang the fireplace, it only extends 5″ out from the wall. Therefore, you can easily build a frame or add molding around it to give it a “built-in” look without having to punch a big hole in your wall. In addition, it comes with a built-in mounting bracket.

Alternatively, you can recess the unit into a wall for a clean, sleek look. The fireplace’s simple and strategic design makes it really easy to install because the vents and touch screen control panel are located on the front.

You can just plug your fireplace into a standard 120V wall outlet, or you can hard wire it.

Note:The package includes a paintable cord cover. So, even if you hang your fireplace on the wall, you can easily conceal the cord out of sight!

Napoleon Allure Fireplace: Easy to Hang or Recess, Here's How

Electric fireplaces can work virtually anywhere in a home. That said, they work especially well in apartments or offices where you can’t build a permanent unit.

Of course, they provide a low-cost, easy-installation fireplace option in rooms where you want additional heat or ambiance (or both!). Plus, once you switch to this low-maintenance and easy-to-use fireplace style – you may find that you enjoy having a fire much more often. =)

See also: How Much Does it Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace?

Napoleon Allure Electric Fireplace Specs:

Napoleon Allure Control Panel

  • 6 Sizes: 32″, 42″, 50″, 60″, 72″, 100″
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • 1,500 Watts
  • Heat: 5,000 BTU’s
  • Flame Colors: Blue, Orange or Combination of Both
  • Ember Bed: Clear Cubes with High Intensity LED Lights
  • Includes Remote Control (for flame size and color, heat, blower and timer)
  • Model #: NEFL60FH, Spec Sheet, Product Manual
  • Get it Here

One more thing… We’ve talked above about the Napoleon Allure fireplace above. However, The company also makes an Allure Phantom. Although both fireplaces essentially have the same features, this quick video explains the differences:

An here’s a look at the flames:

The Allure Phantom Series