My Favorite Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Idea…

I always preferred fireplace inserts until I saw this wall mounted electric fireplace idea. This unit actually comes complete with mantels, so that it looks built-in without you having to do a complicated install.

Easy Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Idea

The Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace that Includes a Mantel:

Easy to Install Wall Mount Electric FireplaceThe Chesmont Fireplace takes wall-hung electric fireplaces to a whole new level. It comes with it’s own finished upper and lower mantels, so it looks like a professional built-in install.

And you don’t have to cut any holes in your walls (less time, labor and cost involved in this project).

In other words, this doesn’t look like a cheap electronic fireplace that you quickly hung up on the wall. (Although hanging it is just as easy – and one person can do this job!)

The fireplace hanging process is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Attach the included mounting bracket to the wall.
2. Hang your fireplace on the wall bracket.
3. Secure the fireplace to the bracket using the included screws.

Back Side of Wall Mounted electric Fireplace with Hanging Bracket

The easy installation also allows you to put a fireplace in your bedroom, bathroom, entryway or kitchen. You have more options because you simply hang it up and plug it in. Plus, electric fireplaces don’t require venting.

Note: The heater vents sit on the front of the fireplace and blow outward rather than upward. Therefore, you can place a flat screen TV directly above the fireplace if you want (zero clearance is needed).

Fireplace Combines Traditional Ambiance
with Modern Convenience:

Not only does this wall mount fireplace have a sleek, modern look – it also comes with high tech features.

1. For one, it’s Wi-Fi enabled and Smartphone compatible. Therefore, you can instantly turn it on or off by talking – using Google Home or Amazon Alexa. (You can also use the front touchpad on the unit, the included remote control or the mobile app.)

2. Next, the Chesmont uses realistic LED flame technology to create its lifelike fire. And, the firebox has 60 different color combinations you can choose from by changing the flame color, ember bed color and brightness. You can even adjust the flame speed.

50-Inch Wall-Hung Electric Fireplace with Color-Changing Flames

3. Additionally, the firebox is 3-sided, so you can view the flames from 3 different sides instead of just one. This design gives the hearth more dimension, plus you can enjoy it from more angles.

4. On top of that, this wall-hung fireplace also produces heat. It can warm a room up to 400 square feet, but you can run the flames without the heater if you want.

Note: By the way, this 1500 watt unit is not expensive to operate, and it’s very cheap when you run it with flames only. So, if you want the ambiance of flickering flames and don’t need the extra heat, you can fun your fireplace guilt-free.

Electric Fireplace Safety Features:

There are 2 cool safety features about this fireplace that you might also like. Compared to wood burning or gas fireplaces, electric hearths stay cool to the touch Therefore, you don’t have to worry about kids and pets getting close to it.

In addition, this model has a built-in timer , so you can set it to automatically shut off at a certain time. (This feature also comes in handy for saving energy too.)

Specs for the Chesmont Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace:

  • Dimensions: 50″ Wide x 20.5″ Tall x 7″ Deep
  • Firebox Size: 43″ Wide x 12″ Tall x 3″ Deep
  • Installation: Hang on Wall
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Frame Color: Black (also available in white)
  • Heating Area: 400 Square Feet
  • 2 Heat Settings: 1500 & 750 Watt
  • Wattage: 1500 WattsChesmont Electric Wall Mount Fireplace with Blue LED Blames
  • BTU’s: 5,000
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Power: Plug-In or Hardwire
  • Thermostat (68 – 88F)
  • Timer: Yes
  • Vent-Free
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Smart Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Includes Both Driftwood & Crystal Ember Bed
  • Installation Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Model #: 80034
  • Manufacturer: Touchstone Home Products
  • Tech Support Phone: 888-978-3531
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Wall Mounted Fireplace