PuraFlame’s #1 Energy Efficient Portable Electric Heater

Carry Your Fireplace with You: PuraFlame's Energy Efficient Portable Electric HeaterYou may have heard of PuraFlame electric fireplaces and firebox heaters. The company also makes mini energy efficient portable electric heaters that look pretty cool too.

It’s almost like having your very own portable fireplace.

It’s designed to heat smaller spaces, such as cottages, trailers or individual rooms (ie. home offices, guest bedrooms, etc..).

This mini electric heater is convenient to have if you don’t want to keep your entire house heated but want a supplemental heat source that you can use when needed.

Is the PuraFlame Electric Heater Safe?

This 9″ freestanding unit only weighs 8 lbs. Although convenient, one of my initial concerns was safety. I mean, with a device so small, how easy would it be to forget about it or even knock it over?

Puraflame Heater Control PanelPuraFlame has this covered with overheating and tip-over protection with a sensor on the base of the unit. You also don’t have to worry about gas or oil, since this unit is 100% electric.

And lastly, the PuraFlame heater stays cool to the touch. Perfect if you have young kids of pets in the house.

Does the Mini Fireplace Cost a Lot to Operate?

This fireplace heater is also energy efficient. You can find an easy formula for calculating the exact cost for running a 1250 watt heater in your home on this page.

PuraFlame uses LED lights to create the realistic flame and coal embers effect. These bulbs only use 5 watts of energy and have a lifetime of 75,000 hours. That’s a long time of maintenance-free use.

You can even use your mini fireplace without the heat. Of course, this setting uses virtually no electricity, but you can still enjoy many hours of relaxing ambiance.

In addition, this model features an adjustable thermostat, so it will maintain a certain room temperature without you having to remember to turn it off and on. This is another easy way to save energy and cut costs on your heating bill.

You didn’t ask about the noise factor, but I’ll tell you anyways. It’s quiet.

PuraFlame Portable Heater Specs:

  • 1250 Watts
  • 6′ Power Cord
  • Comes in Red, Black and White
  • Heats up to 400 Square Feet

What About Other Portable Energy Efficient Heaters?

As I mentioned in the beginning, PuraFlame makes an entire line of electric fireplaces.

PuraFlame Octavia 12" Portable Electric HeaterWhat I noticed right off the bat is that all their products have super high ratings from customers. They use advanced technology to create realistic flickering flames in their products that have customers actually buying them in multiples!

The Clara is not the only energy efficient portable electric heater you can get. PuraFlame also makes a larger 12″ 1500 watt unit, the Octavia. It is larger, produces more heat, uses more electricity and costs about $15 more. Other than that, it’s pretty much identical to the smaller version.

Furthermore, the Clara electric heater has competitors. The Crane is a similar model with 3 settings (glow, 750 w, 1500 watt). It looks almost identical, and you can get it in yellow (as well as black, white and red).


Why Look at the Real Flame Slim Electric Fireplace?

Real Flame Slim Electric Fireplace Against Stone Wall in Living Room

Maybe you have a small living room or den, or maybe you want your fireplace to have a more “built-in” look. Whatever the case is, the Real Flame Bradford Slim Line can provide an instant solution. Well, almost instant.

Slim Line Electric Fireplace Side ViewAs you may or may not be able to tell from the above photo, this electric fireplace only sticks out about 9 inches from the wall. It requires very little floor space. This means that you can put it virtually anywhere without it getting in the way.

I also like the fact that its slim design makes it actually look the fireplace it built into the wall. It looks more like a real, traditional fireplace.

If you like the look of the stone wall behind the fireplace, check out the faux stone wallpaper you can get on Amazon for less than $50. There are lots of different colors and styles, including stone, brick and even wood panels.

Faux Stone Wallpaper to Use Behind a Fireplace

Extend the wall panel from floor to ceiling, and this makes the fireplace look larger and more grand. They make a nice-looking backdrop behind a fireplace (and they are cheap!).

Slim Electric FireplaceThis electric fireplace may be slim, but it’s not short on heat. It includes a 1400 watt heater (rated over 4700 BTUs/hour).

This is a great option for adding a heat source to a small cottage with minimal effort (and no construction!). Can you believe that this unit only weighs about 53 lbs? That’s right, You don’t even need 2 people to install this fireplace.

The Slim Line also can add lots of ambiance to a master bedroom, where a simple click on the remote control can adjust the flame or heat. Priced at under $350, it’s hard to pass up this master bedroom upgrade (or den, dining room, home office, etc..)

And if that wasn’t enough, you can get the Real Flame Slim Electric Fireplace in multiple colors.

It is shown in the pecan color, but you can also get a similar model in Black Maple and White. (Note slight measurement, design and price differences due to different models).

Watch the video below to see what the wood mantel and flames look like up close and in action:

Fireplace Specs:

  • Approximate Dimensions: 46″ wide x 8.7″ deep x 42″ high
  • 1400 W Heater
  • Solid & Manufactured Wood Construction
  • Ultra Bright Vivid Flame LED technology
  • Package Includes Remote Control, Thermostat & Timer