Top 10 Electric Wall Fireplace Inserts, Mantels & More…

When I started shopping for an electric wall fireplace, I created a comparison chart. You can see it below and compare fireplaces side by side. (I ended up buying the Dimplex Revillusion, which I love). Keep in mind that higher-end units typically have more realistic flames.

Fireplaces Style Rating
Dimensions Heat Output Power Consumption Price
Special Features

Magikflame Fireplace
w/ Crackling Sounds

MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with Classic White or Cherry Mantel

Includes Mantel 4.4 56″W
Heats up to 1,000SF 1300 Watts on high heat $3,250-$3,500 Unit comes in a classic white or cherry wood mantel. Magikflame combines HD video holograms with sound to generate a real-sounding electric fire. You can also change the flame “style” (26 different options). See more on the MagikFlame Crackling Fireplace

Amantii 3-Sided Fireplace

Amantii 3-Sided Indoor/Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Built-in 4.8 63 1/4″W
26 5/8″H
14 1/4″D
Heats up to 500SF 1500 Watts on high heat $2,800-$3,600 You can install the Amantii with 1, 2 or 3 viewable sides. In addition, you can choose from different ember bed mediums: Driftwood, Rustic, Birch Logs or Ice. This unit can connect to your home thermostat, plus you can even use it OUTDOORS. See Amantii Electric Fireplace Review

Dimplex Revillusion

Dimplex Revillusion Realistic Electric Fireplace

Firebox Insert 4.6 31 1/4″W
26 5/8″H
12 1/8″D
Heats up to 400SF 1300, 1975 or 2575 Watts $1,200-$1,400 Traditional-looking firebox that you can insert into an existing fireplace and transition to electric. Very realistic flames and embers, plus their unique reflective “Mirage Flame Panel” enhances the 3D effect of the fire. See complete Revillusion Fireplace Review

Alluravision 50″

Napoleon Alluravision Electric Fireplace

Recessed or Wall Mounted 4.5 52.7″W
5.8″D or 4.25″ for slim version
Heats up to 800SF 2800 Watts on high heat $1,500-$1,600 Fireplace comes in 5 other sizes: 42, 50, 60, 74 and 100. Plus the Alluravision offers a “slim” version for 2×4 wall applications. In addition, the heater fan is whisper quiet and the minimal frame has a high-end look. See complete Alluravision Fireplace Review

Moda Flame Cynergy

Moda Flame Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Recessed 4.0 50.4″W
Heats up to 400SF 1500 Watts on high heat $599-$699 Fan forced heater, plus remote control for flame and heat. Unit comes with white pebble bed rather than clear glass crystals.

Grantham Corner Fireplace

Grantham Faux Stone Corner Fireplace with Mantel

Includes Mantel 4.5 45.5″W
Heats up to 400SF 1500 Watts $589-$699 Unit can go against a wall or in a corner with the convertible mantel. Fireplace has classic wood and stone mantel, plus burning logs and ember bed. Also includes remote that controls thermostat, timer, logs and flames. Plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Unit

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

Includes Cabinet Mantel 4.8 81″W
34 1/4″H
Heats up to 625SF 1500 Watts on high heat $1,100-$1,200 Easy “Plug-and-Play” with remote control, programmable thermostat and timer function. Plus, you just plug it into a wall outlet. Greywood finish allows it to work well with modern, rustic or farmhouse decor. See full review

Stone Mantel Electric Fireplace

Stone Mantel Electric Fireplace

Includes Mantel 4.4 40″W
Heats up to 1,000SF 1500 Watts $779-$849 Rustic mantel gives the look and feel of an authentic old fireplace. Plus slim design enables you to put it smaller rooms too. Spectrafire 3D flame effect technology offers customizable multi-color realistic flames and infrared heater maintains natural humidity inside home.

Touchstone Sideline

Touchstone Sideline Built-in Electric Fireplace

Recessed 4.5 50.4″W
Heats up to 400SF 1500 Watts on high heat $550 Very realistic flames, 5 flame settings and 2 heat settings, remote control, built-in fan. See Touchstone Fireplace Review.

Touchstone Ivory

Touchstone Ivory Fireplace

Wall Mounted 4.4 50.4″W
Heats up to 400SF 1500 Watts on high heat $299-$379 Fireplace has sleek modern white glass frame to match white home decor or blend in with the surrounding wall. Budget-friendly model with easy installation – just plug it into a wall outlet

How You Can Save Money on an Electric Wall Fireplace:

3-Sided Electric Fireplace with See-Through Glass, for Indoors or OutsideAn electric wall fireplace provides an affordable alternative to traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces. For example, electric units don’t require a chimney, and you don’t need to install a gas line.

Plus, electric fireplaces can run with or without heat. Therefore, you can save a significant amount of money on operating costs while still enjoying the ambiance.

Do Electric Fireplaces Put Out Heat?

Most electric models do provide heat with some sort of fan or blower. In fact, some people use them as the main heat source for a room or small cottage. Heating capacity typically runs between 400 and 1,000 square feet.

Larger units usually give off more heat, while smaller portable stoves and wall-mounted fireplaces tend to heat 400 square feet.

Wood TV Stand Fireplace in Living Room

What Type of Fireplace Should You Buy?

No matter what your style or heating needs are, you can find a variety of electric fireplaces on our site.

For instance, many wall mounted, electric stove heaters, TV stands with entertainment centers and fireplaces with mantels. They typically plug into a standard wall outlet, so installation is much easier. In addition, you can move them to a different room, home or apartment because they are portable.

On the other hand, recessed units, fireplace inserts, 3-sided fireplaces, indoor-outdoor models and corner units offer that “built-in” look that many homeowners like. You can install them in an existing fireplace, recess the box into a wall or build a custom fireplace mantel. Alternatively, you can also get a log set for an existing fireplace.