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Welcome to our site! I’m Mikeala, and I’m the General Manager at Please contact us if you have questions about electric fireplaces – I’m happy to help.

Electric fireboxes differ from gas and wood burning fireplaces in that they don’t require venting. As a result, you can save a bunch of time and money on installation.

In addition, you can place them in many different locations that you might never have thought of. For example, an entryway, hallway or even a bathroom.

On top of that, you can get electric fireplace inserts in all different sizes and dimensions. Therefore, you can install them in smaller rooms. You don’t necessarily need a large wall.

Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center with TV Stand

Most recessed fireplace inserts will require some hard-wiring. However, you can buy wall-mounted fireplaces that you simply plug into a wall outlet. You can also do this with fireplace entertainment centers or TV stands.

Overall, electric fireplaces offer many advantages. That said, you don’t get the wood-burning scent or sound of crackling wood.

And yes, I enjoy the smell of real logs and the visual appeal of smoke lingering from the chimney on a cold winter’s day. However, once you’ve tried a well-designed electric fireplace – there’s no going back…


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