Duraflame Electric Stove with Heater [5 Reasons I Like It]

Do you want a small space heater at a low price, (with flickering flames of course)?
The Carleton Duraflame Electric Stove with heater is cheap compared to traditional fireplace, yet it can heat a 400 square foot room!

Duraflame 3D Electric Stove - Portable Infrared Fireplace Heats Up to 1,000 Square Heat and Costs Under $200Note: Duraflame has a newer version to the Carleton that has a more improved 3D flame effect (super realistic!). In addition, it contains a more powerful 5,200 BTU heater that can warm a room up to 1,000 square feet!

At only 28 lbs, this stove is really easy to move, plus the surface stays cool (great for little kids and pets). The infrared heating technology helps maintain healthy humidity in the air and minimize static electricity.

It also comes with a digital thermostat and a handy remote control. Operating an electric stove can’t get much easier – it’s like “Plug-and-Play”. And, it comes in 5 different colors too!

Mini Electric Stove Fireplace Can Heat 400 Square Feet with Just an Electrical Outlet

Information on old model:

So, what are the 5 reasons that I like the Carleton Duraflame Electric Stove + Heater?…

1. You Can Take Advantage of Convenient Compact Size:

This miniature stove fireplace may look somewhat awkward in a large space. On the other hand, this compact space heater works really well in small rooms. It doesn’t take up lots of valuable floor space, yet it puts out as much heat as many of the larger electric fireplaces with mantels and bookshelves.

In addition, portable electric stoves easily move from location to location. For instance, this unit only weighs 16 lbs so one person can comfortably carry it.

Duraflame Electric Stove with Heater

2. Turn on an Electric Stove Fireplace …and Save Money?

Use it in a guest bedroom, home office, cottage or living room. You can turn down your house thermostat to save energy and simply warm up the room you are in at the moment.

On top of that, you can enjoy this fireplace year-round. Turn on the flames without the heater and use it all summer long! Plus, it will use virtually no energy to run. Therefore, you can cut your operating costs way down.

3. Plus, Get Effortless Fireplace Installation/Set-Up

Unlike recessed electric fireplaces or units with mantels, smaller portable stoves require minimal assembly. Plus, no wiring. Simply plug them in.

4. Have Instant Fireplace Ambiance for Under $100

When you compare the style of the Duraflame Stove to a regular space heater, you really can’t compare. For example, the red and yellow fireplace glow, moving flames and charming stove design. How can a standard heater even compete, right?

If you want to see the flickering flames in action (or simply feel like watching a cheesy QVC infomercial), check out the video below. Don’t get me wrong QVC, I love you and your videos. =) Plus, it also shows how bright the flames look at night.

5. Get 4 “Cool” Safety Features:

Inexpensive, Compact (Yet Powerful) Electric Stove Fireplace Made by DuraflameDo you have kids or pets? The Duraflame Electric Stove with Heater has another great feature in that it stays cool to the touch. Plus, you don’t have to worry about exposed flames of course.

This unit also features overheat shut-off protection as well as a tip-over safety switch. You can sleep well at night knowing that your heater is watching out for you. =)

Specs for Duraflame Electric Stove with Heater:

  • Stove Dimensions: 19.7″ tall x 16.2″ wide x 11.6″ deep
  • Unit Weight: approximately 16 lbs
  • Power: 1500 Watts / 4600 BTU’s per Hour
  • Maximum Heat Power: 1.35 kW
  • Can Heat Up to 400 Square Feet
  • Flames Operate With & Without Heat (save money!)
  • Comes with Adjustable Thermostat
  • Bulb Type: Incandescent
  • Color: Black
  • Model: #DFS-450-2
  • Get the Duraflame Here + Free Shipping

Manufactured and distributed by Twin-Star International, Inc., under license from Duraflame, Inc. duraflame, the flame symbol and logo are registered trademarks of Duraflame, Inc.