Which Real Flame White Electric Fireplace is Best?

Fireplaces with white mantels have a sleek and modern look. You can seriously transform a dull living room into a stylish, inviting space with an inexpensive White Electric Fireplace – but which one should you buy?

3 Real Flame Electric Fireplaces: Hillcrest VS Silverson VS Kennedy Models

Harlan White Mantel Electric FireplaceNote: If these white mantel fireplaces are out of stock, check out the new Harland Electric Fireplace with high heat 1500 watt infrared heater. It plugs right into the wall for a quick, easy installation. Plus, it comes with a convenient remote control.

As you’ll see below, these 3 models have very similar functions. Your decision will basically come down to (1) Dimensions (2) Heat Output and (3) Price.

Fireplace Set-Up & Display Options:

You have several options when it comes to mantels, and electric fireplaces for that matter. In addition, you can “display” them in a number of different ways.

For example, you can create a sophisticated focal point against a floor-to-ceiling paneled wall backdrop. This designer strategy makes your fireplace stand out while making it appear larger due to the floor-to-ceiling wall texture behind it.

Real Flame White Electric Fireplace, Hillcrest Model

Think stone veneer, tile, wood planks, textured wallpaper or even paint with wood trim. Since you won’t be covering a large amount of wall space, this will keep costs low. =)

On the other hand, a white fireplace mantel can blend in with a white wall, giving a built-in appearance. This is ideal in minimalistic design, and if you want your fireplace to look like it is built-in of course.

Silverton White Electric Fireplace Against White WallIn addition, a white electric fireplace can work to your benefit if you want to add a fireplace to a small master bedroom or den.

They only measure 13″-15″ deep. Therefore, they won’t overwhelm the space, but you can still enjoy a luxurious bedroom addition.

3 Ways Your Electric Fireplace Will Save You Money:

1. As with most electric fireplaces, each of these models requires assembly. This simple project is just like a paint-by-numbers assignment, and the DIY assembly means we can save a bunch of money.

2. Mantel materials include solid wood combined with veneered MDF (medium density fibreboard). Basically, this means you get a high-quality looking, strong and durable frame at a lower price.

3. In addition, Real Flame uses VividFlame LED technology to create their realistic-looking flames. LED bulbs last a long, long time, plus they use very little energy. Hence, you can save even more money!

See how the flames look and how easy it is to set up these units:

Hillcrest Fireplace | Silverton Fireplace | Kennedy Fireplace

These fireplaces conveniently come as complete kits. You get the firebox, mantel, programmable thermostat and remote control. Once assembled, simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet, and your ready to enjoy the flames!

Just sit back and use the remote control to adjust the flame brightness, temperature and set the timer (if you want). These are truly low-maintenance, low-cost fireplaces. You can even run the units without heat and lower your energy costs even more.

Hillcrest Fireplace:

  • Dimensions: 48.4″ wide x 38.6″ tall x 13.9″ deep
  • Weight: 111 lbs
  • Heat: 1400 Watts, 4,700 BTU’s per hour
  • Colors: White or Chestnut Oak
  • Model #: 7910E-W
  • Price: Approximately $615
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Silverton Fireplace

  • Dimensions: 48″ wide x 41″ tall x 13″ deep
  • Weight: 97.5 lbs
  • Heat: 1400 watts, 4,700 BTU’s per hour
  • Colors: White, Dark Mahogany, Black
  • Model #: G8600E
  • Price: Approximately $500
  • Get it Here

Kennedy Grand Fireplace

  • Dimensions: 55.5″ long x 43.2″ wide x 15.5″ deep
  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • Heat: 1500 watts, 5,100 BTU’s per hour
  • Colors: White, Dark Espresso
  • Model#: 8070E-W
  • Price: Approximately $780
  • Get it Here

Real Flame is a family owned company which has been making fireplaces for over 30 years. They offer an entire line of electric units, as well as gas, gel fuel, wood burning and propane. They strive to offer high quality products at a fair price, but you’ll also notice that they put extra attention toward detail.