Modernize Your Home – 3 Top Floating Fireplace TV Stands…

Revamp your living space with a space-efficient floating TV stand boasting a built-in fireplace. Elevate a dull wall into a chic, modern entertainment hub…


Are Floating TV Stand Fireplaces Sturdy & Safe?

First of all, manufacturers typically provide sturdy mounting brackets and guidelines for proper installation. Simply secure the brackets to studs in your wall and hang the cabinet on the brackets.

For example, larger models like the Amerlife 80″ floating fire & TV stand have a 200 lb weight capacity and can fit televisions up to 90″. That said, many people choose to hang their flat screens on the wall and add decor on top of the cabinet.

Amerlife Modern Black Floating TV Stand with Electric Fireplace

As for safety features, reputable models integrate automatic shut-off mechanisms when overheating is detected. Plus, the front face stays cool to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about toddlers or animals getting burned.

Is it Difficult to Install a Floating TV Stand and Fireplace?

Note: Electric fireplaces don’t need vents or chimneys as they use electricity and produce no harmful fumes. Consequently, assembly is easier, cheaper and faster!

Different Size TVs Hung Above Floating Fireplace TV Stand

Hanging a wall cabinet can vary in difficulty based on the product and your DIY skills. However, most packages include the mounting hardware required and a step-by-step install guide.

You’ll just need basic tools (ie. a drill, level, screwdriver and stud finder).

According to customers, the most challenging part of this project is getting it properly aligned or level. I also suggest having 2 people instead of trying to hang the unit by yourself.

Note: Fireplace cabinets generally come as plug in units, so you don’t have to hardwire them. Therefore, you don’t need to hire an electrician or have electrical skills yourself.

How High Should You Hang Your Floating Fireplace on the Wall?

First, figure out where you want your television to sit. Usually, people like the TV at eye level when seated for comfortable viewing (around 42 to 48 inches from the floor to the center of the TV screen).

Then, hang your fireplace cabinet beneath the TV. Adjust the height depending on your personal preference and room layout for optimal viewing.

Modern White Floating Electric Fireplace TV Stand Can Heat a 400 Square Foot Room

What You Need to Know About Fireplace Heating:

Electric fireplaces operate by heating coils and a fan, distributing warmth evenly across the room. The heat generated is usually dispersed from the front.

Most average-size units have a heat output of around 5000 BTU’s and can warm a 400 square foot room. Therefore, they work best as a supplemental heat source.

Electric Fireplace Functions: Changing Flame Color, Heating Capacity, Certifications, Crystal Ember bEd

Note: Electric fireplaces generally produce low heat levels, reducing risks to electronics placed above them.

How Much Do Floating Fireplace TV Stands Cost?

The price range for floating TV stands with fireplaces varies based on size, features and brands. On average, they run from $200 to $800, but high-end models can exceed $1000.

With this particular hearth style, you can avoid expensive costs like venting, hard-wiring and wall cut-ins. As a result, you can save a lot of money on labor and materials.

Floating Fireplace TV Stand Gives You Ambiance, Heat, Storage and a Place to Put Your Television

Plus, customers give high ratings to (1) appearance and (2) value. Not only do you get a realistic-looking fire, you also get a heater, storage cabinets and base for your TV.

Warranty, Maintenance & Lifespan:

These packages come with manufacturer warranties, typically ranging from 1 to 5 years, covering manufacturing defects. Overall, you can expect an electric fireplace to last 10-20 years with minimal maintenance.