3-Sided Glass Electric Fireplace – Indoors & Outside?

Do you want a fireplace that you can view from all areas of the room – or even install outside on your patio? The Amantii 3-Sided Glass Electric Fireplace has incredible 3D effects, plus you can view it from 3 sides!

3-Sided Glass Electric Fireplace for Indoors or Outdoors

This high-tech unit take electric fireplaces to a whole new level because it gives your hearth more depth. Therefore, you can enjoy it from more angles and from distances further away.

If you have a large living room or combination great room, the Amantii 3-sided fireplace makes a lot of sense. Not to mention, you can control the flame color, size and heat from across the room by using the handy remote control.

Multi-color flame options include traditional yellow and orange, plus more contemporary and modern blue, purple, rose and violet.

3-Sided Electric Fireplace with See-Through Glass, for Indoors or Outside

This modular unit features a sleek, modern design, However, you can choose from several different wood log media to give your fireplace a more classic or rustic look.

3-Sided Electric Fireplace – Logs or Ice Glass?

This unit offer 4 unique media kits to choose from when you order your fireplace. Keep in mind that no matter which media you choose, you can adjust the flame color and size to switch up the mood of your fireplace.

  1. Driftwood Log Set
  2. Birch Log Set
  3. Rustic Log Set
  4. Ice Media

This video below shows the different media type and flame colors.

Note: In addition to the logs, each kit also includes black fire glass, pebbles, rocks and vermiculite ashes. Alternatively, the Ice Media comes with 3 large clear nuggets, 95 clear and 10 blue diamond media.

The 60″ size makes this 180 degree fireplace even more impressive. I really like wood-burning fireplaces, but the Amantii’s striking colors, design and functionality really grab your attention.

4 Big Advantages of Using an Electric Fireplace:

In addition, electric fireplaces have several cost-saving and environmental advantages.

See-Through Electric Fireplace for Indoors or Outdoors1. No Venting Costs: First of all, you don’t have to vent electric inserts, as you do a wood or gas hearth. This aspect, by itself, provides a huge savings, considering the cost of permits and construction alone.

2. Lower Heating Bills: Second, you can run the flames with or without the heat. Therefore you can enjoy the ambiance of flickering flames while only paying pennies per hour to illuminate the LED bulbs. I love having a lower monthly energy bill!

3. Less Maintenance: Third, you don’t have to continually scoop out ashes or pay to have your chimney cleaned. Electric fireplaces are known for being low maintenance, which gives you yet another reason to use your hearth more often. =)

4. No Emissions: Fourth, your LED flames produce no emissions. You can feel good about helping the environment, plus you can run your fireplace even on “spare the air” days.

Using the 3-Sided Electric Fireplace Outdoors:

Indoor/Outdoor Electric Fireplace Insert

The Amantii Tru-View has another cool feature: you can use it outdoors. Therefore, you can create a cozy outdoor living room for year-round use with ample heat.

A well-designed outdoor room can actually enhance the value of a home. Not to mention, you increase your usable space and have a unique outdoor setting for entertaining.

How to Install a See-Through Fireplace:

3-Sided See-Through Electric Fireplace with Glass Fire Bed and Red Flames
When it comes to installation, Tru-View gives you a few different options. For example, you can install it with 1 side, 2 sides or all 3 sides viewable.

As a result, you can customize the look of your hearth. And in all 3 situations, you achieve a sophisticated, built-in look.

In addition, this unit comes hard-wire ready for easy set-up. Plus, you can connect this electric heater to your home thermostat for even more convenience.

Note: The fireplace heater emits heat through the front of the unit and downward. Therefore, you can install a television or other electronics safely above your fireplace.

Specs for the Amantii 3-Sided Glass Electric Fireplace:

  • Dimensions: 43 1/4″ Wide x 26 5/8″ Tall x 14 1/4 Deep
  • Rough Wall Opening Size: 64 1/4″ Wide x 27 5/8″ Tall
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use (+ Bathrooms)
  • Weight: 154 lbs
  • Heater: 4800 BTUs
  • Voltage: 120V AC 60Hz
  • Watts: 750W (Low) 1500W (High)
  • Heating Area: 500 Square Feet
  • Lamps: LED, 22W
  • Cord length: 70 7/8″
  • Plug Location: Left Side
  • Includes Remote Control
  • Model #: TRU-VIEW 40″
  • Brand: Amantii
  • Phone: 877-850-9458
  • Get the 3-Sided Fireplace Here

Built-In VS Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace?

Touchstone also makes a smaller 3 sided wall-mounted fireplace that measures 50 inches across. Rather than recessing this unit into a wall for a built-in look, you simply hang the Chesmont 50″ on your wall.

Touchstone Chesmont 50-inch Wall Mounted Plug-In Electric Fireplace

Although not as large and impressive, the Touchstone Chesmont does come with its own modern mantel and surround. Subsequently, you get a nice finished look and super easy installation.