Barn Beam & Reclaimed Wood Mantels for Fireplaces

Do you want to add a barnwood beam or a hand hewn floating wood shelf above your fireplace? Below, you can see a variety of unique rustic beams and reclaimed wood mantels to make your fireplace complete.

Reclaimed Wood Mantels

1. Reclaimed Wood Mantels:

Repurposed wood beams can turn your fireplace into an impressive focal point in your room. And now you don’t have to search for antique or specialty lumber shops in your area to find one.

Hand Hewn Beam Mantel for FireplaceIn fact, you can order these hand hewn logs online and have them delivered. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different lengths to fit your fireplace wall.

Each beam is independently handcrafted, so it comes with its own one-of-a-kind look. Plus, the ends have a “rough cut”, giving them that authentic, antique live edge look.

Whether you live in a mountain cabin, a beach cottage – or you want to incorporate that rustic look into your home – these reclaimed beams are impressive.

Reclaimed Beam Specs:

Reclaimed Barnwood Beam to Use as Rustic Fireplace Mantel

2. Pre-Finished Reclaimed Barnwood Beams:

If you prefer a barn beam mantel that comes pre-finished, Creative Hardwoods makes them using solid reclaimed beams. They also offer them in several dimensions, from 48″ to 84″ in length.

Salvaged beams also feature that authentic old wood look, and each mantelpiece has its own unique style.

How to Hang a Barnwood Mantel:

Hidden Mantel Hardware Supports Fireplace Mantel or Floating Shelf without Being SeenSolid wood beam mantels don’t usually include mounting hardware. However, installing a reclaimed wood mantel may be easier than you think.

In fact, you can find some great “hidden” mantel hardware that sits behind the mantel so you can’t even see it. These heavy duty wall brackets provide secure support, so you can feel confident, even when hanging a heavy mantel. Just check out the video below:

3. Distressed Wood Beam Mantel:

Alternatively, you can still create an impressive fireplace wall while spending less money. For instance, this wood beam mantel has a distressed, aged finish without the hand hewn cuts.

Rustic Mantel Shelf with Distressed, Antique Wood Look Above Fireplace

Due to its boxy shape, this mantel also works well in contemporary homes. So, if your furniture and decor have a more modern style, you may prefer this wooden beam.

It has a 10″ depth (deeper than many other mantels), so it works really well as a shelf. In fact, you can even install them as floating shelves in a kitchen, dining room or den.

Note: Actually, open shelves are really popular right now in kitchens for holding bowls, glasses and plates. Instead of building upper cabinets, this storage option makes a kitchen feel more spacious. Plus, it can make your kitchen look more interesting.

In addition, these beams only weigh 25 lbs, as compared to 75 lbs for the hand hewn version. As a result, they are easier to install.

Specs for the Wood Beam Floating Shelf:

4. Vail Pine Wood Mantel Shelf:

How to Install a Wood Beam Fireplace MantelLastly, you can get a pine mantel in a grey driftwood finish. This mantel piece is hollow and comes with hanging hardware, so DIY installation is simple.

It also keeps the cost down, because you don’t have to purchase the hardware separately.

The faded, weathered finish gives this mantel a lighter tone. Therefore, it works well in rooms that have white walls and light-colored furniture. It also has a natural, relaxed contemporary feel that fits well in casual living rooms.

Hollow Mantel Installation:

The Vail mantel model comes with a square mounting bracket (not angled). Simply screw the bracket into wall studs, or with a brick surface, use lag bolts. Then, install the shelf over the mounting bracket and push flush with the wall. The bracket should sit inside of the shelf cavity, thus hidden. =)