5 Reasons Why I Like the Jasper Electric Fireplace Stove

5 Reasons to Like This Electric Fireplace Stove

Freestanding stoves have that vintage style that adds charm to any room and makes a statement at the same time. Their appearance, combined with their ability to heat a large room, make them very attractive to many homeowners.

Although they are appealing, not all of us have the ability (or desire) to drop $1000+ and add venting in order for proper installation. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of venting alone ranges from $200-$3000. I consider that a remodeling project.

1. This Electric Fireplace Stove is Affordable

Jasper Electric Fireplace Features and BenefitsThat’s the main reason that I like the Jasper Electric Fireplace Stove. It has the look and function of a traditional freestanding stove, yet it doesn’t require venting and it’s price significantly lower.

So low, in fact, that you could get them for multiple rooms in your house.

Buy it, plug it in, and you’re done with “installation”. Now that’s my kind of remodeling job.

2. The Jasper Electric Stove is Versatile

The next big reason that I like this electric stove is that you can move it. Unlike inserts or wall-mounted models, these freestanding stoves are easy to pick up and move from room to room.

In fact, this one weighs less than 30 lbs.

This is actually another cost-cutting strategy that I use to decrease my energy bill in the wintertime. Rather than heating the entire house, I heat only the rooms I need. Uswitch agrees it’s usually better this way.

Typically this is the living room/kitchen/great room where everyone hangs out anyway.

The fan-forced heater pushes the air out, so you can have warm air circulation around the room. The Jasper can heat up to 400 square feet.

Air-n-Water explains that a portable heating unit that heats the air with a fan has another advantage. The room will stay warm for a while even after the unit is turned off.

3. Operating Costs are Low & Maintenance is Minimal

Operating costs will depend on where you live and your electricity rates. That said, the approximate cost to operate this unit is 1 cent per hour with flame only and 8 cents per hour with flame and heat.

It uses 90% less energy than gas to produce visual and realistic flames. Plus, this unit plugs into any standard household outlet, and the bulbs (only 2) are super easy to replace. Talk about low maintenance!

4. This Fireplace Delivers a Bonus Safety Feature

Jasper Electric Fireplace Stove Dimensions Another nice feature of this model is that it stays cool to the touch while it’s running. If you have pets or young children, you now have one less thing to worry about.

5. An Extra Discount?

Yes, this model (brand new) is actually a couple of years old (although it doesn’t look dated). In fact, you probably didn’t even notice the difference between this and the latest products on the market, right?

To make room for newer versions, sellers are offering a deep discount (30%) on this 2014 Jasper.

The downside is that there are limited items available, and you know what that means. Wait, and they’ll be gone.

Note: This unit does not come with a remote control. If you want the remote control capability, Dimplex has a similar unit in this price range available.

Jasper Electric Fireplace Specs:

  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Size: 25″ tall x 11″ deep x 23″ wide
  • Max.efficiency: 1500W
  • Normal bulbs: 2x40W

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