How to Hide an Electric Fireplace Cord – 4 Ways

Yes, you can hang a wall-mounted fireplace on the wall. However, if you don’t have an electrical outlet right behind the fireplace, then you have an exposed, dangling power cord. Here’s how to hide an electric fireplace cord…

How to Hide an Electric Fireplace Cord - 4 Ways

Option #1: Move the Power Outlet

First of all, you can move the electrical outlet to where it will be hidden behind the fireplace. If you have the knowledge and skills, you may be able to move the electrical outlet yourself. However, in most cases, you’ll want to hire a pro.

The good news is that if you don’t need to move the outlet far (for example, just up the wall a few feet), this can be a quick, easy job. Then, you don’t have to worry about hiding cords. Simply plug the cable into the outlet and hang the fireplace over it.

Option #2: Hide the Cables with a Cord Cover Kit

Paintable Cord Hider Kit to Hide Electric Fireplace CablesIf you don’t want to move the outlet, you can easily hide the cord with a cable cover channel. These kits typically cost less than $20, and you can install them yourself without any special tools.

Many kits include a screws, anchors and self-adhesive tape, so you can secure the covers to the wall without needing to purchase additional materials. In addition, you can trim the covers to the size you need to get a custom fit.

This kit also comes with corner elbows, so you can still conceal cables even if you need to wrap around corners. Then, you can paint all of the pieces to match the color of your wall.

Option #3: Place a Cabinet Underneath Your Wall Fireplace

Hidden Fireplace Cord Behind Entertainment Center and Tabletop DecorIf you want to hang your hearth higher up on a wall, you may be able to fit an entertainment center or cabinet underneath it. While the furniture creates a nice focal point and adds functional storage, it also can conveniently hide the cable too.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, plus you can find entertainment centers in all different sizes and heights to fit your space. Use a cable management system like the kit above to conceal extra cord, or strategically place tabletop decor like candles, books or photos to hide it.

Ultra-Thin Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace in BathroomNote: When choosing an electric fireplace to hang on your wall, I recommend looking for one with a narrow depth. Therefore, it won’t stick out far from the wall and look awkward.

This ultra thin wall fireplace only measures about 3.85″ deep, so it doesn’t look cheap when wall-mounted. Plus, it weighs less and doesn’t require as much effort to install.

Option #4: Build a Flat Mantel to Cover the Power Cord

DIY Wood Plank Fireplace Mantel Hides Electric Fireplace Power CordInstead of recessing electric fireplaces into the wall, some people choose to build a mantel around it. However, with an ultra-slim fireplace, you can easily create the appearance of a mantel using basic wood planks.

Cut your boards to the width you want for your mantel, and cut an opening for the electrical outlet if it sits underneath the boards. Then, hang your fireplace on the wall. Lastly, stain or paint the planks and screw them into the wall around the hearth.

There’s no need to construct a large frame from 2×4 lumber that sticks out from the wall (unless you want to). Just use flat boards, shiplap or even fence pickets for a more rustic look.