Extra Long Fireplace TV Stands – 5 Tips to Find the Best Value

Do you want an extra long modern electric fireplace – that doesn’t require a difficult or expensive installation? The LUXEOAK Farmhouse Fireplace offers several benefits, such as providing warmth and ambiance while also serving as a functional piece of furniture.


However, it doesn’t exactly look or sound like a “real hearth”. Plus, you need to put the entertainment center together. Here are the pros and cons of these long electric fireplaces:


  1. Stylish Design: The modern, elongated fireplace design works well in a variety of home styles, while upgrading the overall space.
  2. Large Fireplace: These wider electric fireplaces create a cozy ambiance and can heat rooms efficiently.
  3. Spacious Storage: Extra shelves offer convenient open storage space, allowing you to easily organize and customize the area around your hearth.
  4. Accommodates Large TVs: The sturdy cabinets can support TVs up to 75″, making them versatile for various TV sizes and room configurations.
  5. Ease of Assembly: The straightforward assembly process includes clear instructions, enabling easy setup at home. Plus, you can re-locate these freestanding units.
  6. Adjustable Flame Settings: You can adjust flame intensity and heat settings to customize the ambiance.
  7. Sturdy Build: Consoles are constructed with durable materials, ensuring stability for both the TV and other items stored on the stand.
LUXEOAK Farmhouse Fireplace with Wide Electric Fireplace Built Into TV Console Cabinet


  1. Limited Color Options: Most models offer limited color choices, potentially restricting design options.
  2. Weight Consideration: Due to wider size and extra shelving, these fireplace entertainment centers typically weigh between 130 and 150 lbs. Thus, they can be cumbersome to move.
  3. Possible Noise: Some electric fireplaces may produce a slight humming sound when in use, which might bother some users.
  4. Costly: The price point might be higher compared to some other fireplace TV stands with smaller hearths.
  5. Fireplace Controls: Some users might find the fireplace controls less intuitive or challenging to operate initially. In other words, there’s a slight learning curve.

1. Extra Long Fireplace Dimensions & How to Fit it in Your Home:

For example, the LUXOAK 65″ Fireplace TV Stand is about 65 inches long, 15.6 inches wide, and 24 inches tall. It has a fireplace that’s 60 inches wide, making it a central part of the stand.

It can hold TVs up to 75 inches, which is good for bigger screens.

For room size, it works best in medium to larger rooms because of its size. It’s good for places where you can sit comfortably and watch TV. A room bigger than 12 feet by 10 feet would work well with this stand. That way, you have enough space to move around, and the TV won’t feel too big for the room.

This stand fits great in living rooms, family rooms or places where you want a central focus with storage and a cozy feel.

Little-Known Fact: The recommended viewing distance for a TV is often calculated based on the TV’s diagonal size. For a 75-inch TV, the ideal viewing distance is typically around 8 to 12 feet.

2. How Well Do These Fireplaces Heat & are they Energy Efficient?

On average, these fireplace heaters can warm up a room of about 400 square feet. Thus, they can make an ordinary room cozy and comfortable.

Extra Long Fireplace in TV Console with Light-Up Shelves

Electric fireplaces like these save energy better than regular wood-burning ones. They use most of their energy to make heat, so there’s less waste. In addition, infrared electric fireplaces are known to heat up more space that fan blower models with the same amount of BTU’s

On the LUXEOAK, you can set the temperature between 62 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit to feel just right. The remote control that comes with it lets you change settings without touching the fireplace. It also has a timer you can use for convenience.

Little-Known Fact: LED hearths like this one often have flame effects that you can enjoy without activating the heating function. Thus, they provide year-round ambiance with less expense. Also see: Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace.

3. How to Assemble a TV Stand & Insert the Electric Hearth:

Setting up these fireplace consoles is simple and straightforward, involving a few basic steps outlined below. You just need a power outlet close by and adequate clearance in front for warm air to blow out of the front vent.

Long LED Fireplace in Cabinet with End Tables for Extra Storage
  1. Preparation: Lay out all parts and hardware, ensuring you have the necessary tools as per the provided instructions.
  2. Base Assembly: Begin by assembling the base of the stand, attaching legs or supports securely.
  3. Middle Section: Proceed to build the middle section, connecting shelves or storage compartments as directed.
  4. Fireplace Insert: Install the fireplace insert according to the specific guidelines provided in the manual.
  5. TV Mounting: Hang your TV on the wall or set it up on the cabinet itself.

Note: Electric fireplaces are often plug-and-play devices, requiring minimal setup compared to traditional fireplaces.

4. Fireplace Controls and Special Features:

Remote Control Flame Functions Including Color Changing, Dimmer, Temperature

You can also adjust both the flame brightness and color for a customizable ambiance. This feature lets you tailor the flames to match your preference, offering various intensity levels and hues.

Note: Electric fireplaces with adjustable flame settings often mimic the look of real flames through LED technology, offering a range of colors from soft amber to brighter orange hues.

5. Price & Value Compared to Other Extra Long Fireplace TV Stands:

The LUXOAK 65″ Fireplace TV Stand is competitively priced (under $600) compared to other similar units in the market. Its price aligns well with its features, offering good value for the investment.


Comparatively, some extra long fireplace TV stands with similar capabilities and storage may range from $500 to $800. In fact, some higher-end fireplace TV stands with similar features can exceed $1000, making the LUXOAK 65″ stand a cost-effective choice.

This unit’s value is attributed to its sturdy construction, accommodating TVs up to 75 inches, ample storage, a sizable fireplace insert, and adjustable flame settings, all contributing to its utility and aesthetic appeal.

Considering its quality, design, and features at a reasonable price point, this unit stands out as a good value for those seeking a blend of functionality, style, and affordability in a fireplace TV stand. However, first evaluate specific size, style and heating needs for your home.