Napoleon Trivista 3-Sided Electric Fireplace Review

Do you want an impressive 3-dimensional electric fireplace with high-tech functionality and heat? This unique 3-sided Napoleon Trivista fireplace exhibits an eye-catching display of flickering flames. Plus, you can view it from all areas of the room…

Napoleon Trivista Electric Fireplace, Built-in Recessed Unit 50 or 60 inch wide models

What Makes this Napoleon Electric Fireplace Different?

The 3-sided fireplace style enables you to see inside the fireplace from the sides as well as the front. That said, the unit includes panels so that you can install your fireplace as a 2-sided or 1-sided fireplace as well.

In other words, you can customize the look of your hearth to match your space. The 1-sided option essentially is a fully-recessed installation similar to other built-in models.

Napoleon Trivista 50-inch Electric Fireplace on WallIn addition its stunning appearance, the Trivista fireplace puts out a good amount of heat. Actually, it has the highest heat output in its category at 10,000 BTUs.

Note: Therefore, you can use this electric fireplace as a supplemental heat source for a large living room.

In fact, you can set it to heat at a specific temperature between 64°F and 82°F.

Installing Your Trivista Fireplace:

Plus, you don’t have worry about the cost of venting as you would a gas or wood-burning hearth. Not to mention, you can operate the flames without the heat and save even more money. =)

Nonetheless, installation of this electric unit will require planning, cost and possibly and electrician. You will need to hardwire the unit rather than plugging it into an electrical outlet. You can see installation instructions in the user guide.

Napoleon Trivista Fireplace Recessed into Wall with Multi-Color Flames

High-Tech Features of the Trivista Fireplace:

The Trivista model comes with some pretty cool high-tech features that make it convenient to use. (Not to mention, fun!)

For instance, the touch screen control panel located on the face of the fireplace has a motion sensor activation. Plus, the fireplace comes with a handheld remote control. Therefore, you can operate the flames and heat from across the room.

Flame Color Options for Napoleon Electric 3-Sided Fireplace

In addition, you can switch up the colors of the flames, the ember bed AND the overhead light. And, you can adjust the brightness too.

In other words, you have a virtually endless number of visual options for your hearth. And I haven’t even mentioned the 2 types of fireplace media that come in your package.

The Napoleon Trivista includes both a classic-looking log set and a more modern acrylic crystal ember bed. The acrylic fire glass option reflects a lot of light and color.

On the other hand, the Northern Woods logs feature their own distinctive look. Some people even combine both media together (see the video below to compare).

Note: Furthermore, this model features a handy sleep timer that you can set for 30 minutes up to 6 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the fireplace on after you fall asleep. You can set it to automatically turn off at a specified time using the timer function.

Video Review of the Napoleon Electric Fireplace:

The video below shows how the LED flames look up close. Plus, you can compare the acrylic ice ember bed vs the northern log set.

This 3-sided electric fireplace has some great high-tech features. However, I think the numerous color combination options make this a really fun unit.

What Size Fireplace Should You Get?

The Trivista 3-sided fireplace comes in two different sizes: a 50″ model and a 60″. Below, I’ve listed the specific dimensions for each model.

50″ Fireplace 60″ Fireplace
Fireplace Dimensions 21 1/2″ H x 50″ W x 9 1/2″ D 21 1/2″ H x 60″ W x 9 1/2″ D
Viewing Area 15″ H x 48 1/2″ W 15″ H x 58 1/2″ W
Framing Dimensions 21 3/4″ x 48″ W x 9 1/4″ D 21 3/4″ x 59″ W x 9 1/4″ D
Weight 77 lbs 88 lbs

Specs for the Napoleon Trivista Electric Fireplace: