Napoleon Allure 72″ Long Electric Fireplace [ Review ]

I like the Napoleon Allure 72″ long electric fireplace for several reasons. First of all, you can either hang it on the wall or recess it for a cleaner look. I get into the details below.

Long Electric Fireplace Recessed Wall Mount Model in 60, 72 or 100 inch modelsBy the way, you can get a 100-inch model too.

Second, the manufacturer simplified the installation process, making it easier and cheaper. In fact, a handy homeowner can cheaply and easily insert replacement parts without having to hire an electrician. if you like saving money, keep this in mind.

Third, if you have enough space, long and thin wall fireplaces can instantly upgrade the look of a room. In some cases, they may even make the room look longer due to its dimensions. Therefore, if you want to get the most value for the money you spend, a long electric fireplace may be a great investment.

Fourth, you get the option of blue flames. You may prefer the look of traditional warm glowing flames. That said, I admit it’s fun to switch up the flame colors sometimes. For example, a party, Halloween or during the summer (illuminate the flames without turning on the heat).

Long Electric Fireplace with Blue Flames

Benefits to Recessing Your Electric Fireplace into a Wall:

Recessed electric fireplaces offer a more permanent, “built-in” look. This option gives your fireplace a more realistic feel, plus it may increase the resale value of your home.

Fireplace Heat Vents on the Napoleon Long Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceMany wall-mounted electric fireplaces don’t allow you to also insert them into a wall because the heat vents point upward.

However, the Napoleon Allure has sleek front-side vents that don’t get blocked if you decide to put the unit into a wall.

The vents blend into the frame and don’t detract from the flames or ember bed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them making your fireplace surround look cheap.

Advantages to Hanging the Electric Fireplace on the Wall:

Having said that, the Napoleon linear wall mount unit has an elegant look even if you simply hang it on the wall. This is due to two reasons.

1. Save Money on Installation While Also Hiding the Power Cord

How to Hide Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Cord with a Paintable Cord Cover

First of all, the fireplace kit comes with a clever cord cover that you can paint to match the background wall color.

Therefore, you can hang the fireplace above a console or cabinet and plug in the fireplace behind the furniture without a power cord showing.

This allows you to have a really-cool heat-generating fireplace without taking on exorbitant installation costs. Actually, if you hang the fireplace yourself (a built-in mounting bracket comes in the package), the costs comes out to about $0.

Then, you can just plug in the unit and press a button to turn on your flames. Building fire can’t get much easier, right?

2. Slim Fireplace Design Creates a Sleeker Look

Faux Stone Fireplace Surround
courtesy of
Second, this long rectangular electric fireplace only has a 5″ depth. Hence, it doesn’t protrude much from the wall.

In other words, it doesn’t look like a giant heater sticking out of your wall.

In fact, you could even build a modern style mantel or install faux stone panels around the unit to create your own custom-looking fireplace surround.

You can see an example of this concept in the photo to the right.

The narrow fireplace frame allows you to install stone veneer siding and give your fireplace a built-in look (without having cut a hole in your wall!)

Why Get a Long Electric Wall Fireplace?

A 72″ (6 foot long fireplace) can make a big impact on a room. On top of adding heat and ambiance to your space, a modern long electric fireplace creates a unique and interesting focal point. Not to mention, the colorful flickering flames are intriguing to watch.

72-Inch Napoleon Allure Wall Electric Fireplace with Crystal Ember Bed

In addition, this elongated size works really well over a tv stand or a long low bookshelf or cabinet. Plus, without the need to recess it into a wall, you can more easily position it exactly where you want it.

The front of the unit includes a touch screen panel plus a handy remote control. Therefore, you can easily control the flame color and heat output from virtually anywhere in the room.

Furthermore, the Allure electric fireplace features a convenient timer feature. So, if you don’t want to worry about turning off the unit before you go to sleep at night, just set the timer!

Specs for Napoleon 72″ Long Electric Fireplace:

  • Dimensions: 72″ Wide x 21.6″ Tall x 5″ Deep
  • Weight: 86 lbs
  • Heat Output: 5,000 BTU’s
  • Power Consumption: 1,500 Watts
  • Frame Color: Black
  • 3 Flame Color Options: Blue, Orange or Combination
  • Flame Illumination: High Intensity LED
  • Ember Bed: Clear Crystal Cubes
  • Wall-Mount or Recess into Wall
  • Model #: NEFL72FH
  • Manufacturer: Napoleon
  • Get the Napoleon NEFL72FH Allure here

You can see the shorter 50″ version of the Napoleon Allure in the video below. It looks and performs almost identically to the 6 foot long electric fireplace. It just has a small size, of course.

How Long Do Electric Fireplaces Last?

Just like other models, an extra long electric fireplace typically lasts between 10-20 years. Of course, this depends on how often you use the unit itself, plus the heater.

LED bulbs that illuminate the flames last thousands of hours. However, if you ever need to replace it, a bulb only costs about $15.

In addition, other replacement parts run cheap as well. For example, a replacement thermostat, blower/heater assembly or synchronous motor only cost between $10 and $60. Napoleon even offers a free 8-minute video tutorial on how you can replace a blower yourself.

As you probably already know, electric fireplaces require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Combine that advantage with the cheap and easy parts replacement, and you can keep enjoying your long electric fireplace insert for a very long time.

Is there a Long White Electric Fireplace?

Long White Wall Mounted or Recessed Electric Fireplace with Front VentsWhy yes there is. A different company makes it (Touchstone), and the maximum length is 50″. However, it carries the exterior same styling, front vents, etc..

You can also change the color of the flames.