Best Electric Fireplace with Crackling Sound Effects?

Do you want an ash-free firebox insert that actually crackles like a real wood-burning fire? PuraFlame makes an electric fireplace with crackling sound effects that looks and sounds realistic, plus it’s eco-friendly.

Electric Fireplace Insert that has Crackling Sound Effects

This insert is designed to fit in an existing fireplace opening. Alternatively, you can build a custom mantel around it as well. In either case, it’s very real-looking.

What Makes this Electric Fireplace Look Like a Wood-Burning Fire?

Many electric fireplaces with feature a more modern look with glass ember beds. However, this unit has a more traditional look. For example, it comes with a life-like log set, interior brick wall backdrop, wire mesh screen and glass doors that open and close.

The resin-molded logs and ember bed both glow with the flames. You can also adjust the flame brightness and intensity to create the most realistic effect.

Electric Fireplace Log Set with Glowing Logs, Embers & Brick Backdrop

Even the manual control panel and heater vent hide discreetly behind a specially-designed grill. Most people will never suspect that your fire is fake.

In other words, it’s cleverly made to look like a regular wood-burning fireplace. However, it doesn’t require venting, doesn’t put out smoke and you don’t have to clean up ashes.

Note: The PuraFlame Klaus fits an opening approximately 33″ wide x 26″ tall. So, if you need a larger size or different dimensions, check out the PuraFlame Western electric firebox. It features the same crackle noise, but it doesn’t come with the wire mesh screen or glass doors.

What are the Advantages of Switching to an Electric Fireplace?

Most people like electric fireplaces because they typically cost less to install and require less maintenance. In addition, you can operate them with or without heat.

PuraFlame Klaus Electric Firebox Remote Control

Therefore, you can enjoy flickering flame ambiance (and now the crackling popping sound) year-round without paying for heat. Furthermore, the realistic high-tech flames are generated via low-energy LED bulbs.

As a result, you can run your fireplace all evening and only pay pennies per hour. No air pollution, fireplace cleaning plus a significant cost savings. Can it get any better?

Actually yes, it can. Since the flames are fake, the front of the firebox insert doesn’t get hot. Therefore if you have young children or pets, you don’t have to worry about somebody getting burned (even when the heater is on).

How to Install the Crackling Fireplace Insert:

First of all, this unit plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet. So, if your firebox already has an outlet, installation is really simple.

Alternatively, you can have an electrician add an outlet and then plug it in. However, the manufacturer states that you cannot hardwire this electric fireplace.

Firebox Installation Measurements

Then, simply slide the insert into the fireplace opening. The unit is designed to rest on the floor of the fireplace, so you don’t have to worry about a complicated installation process.

Plus, if you ever decide to change your mantel or switch up your firebox in the future, just pull out the unit. Set-up and removal can’t get much easier than that!

Note: The black trim around the firebox is designed to cover gaps in standard fireplace openings. Therefore, your movable insert actually looks like a permanent installation. =)

Before and After Installing an Electric Fireplace Insert

As you can see, this easy DIY renovation project can make a difference without costing you a lot of money (or time). It can make an old, worn out fireplace look new again.

Adjustable Volume: Yes, you can adjust the volume of the crackling sound. This flexibility allows you to set the sound level to your preferred intensity, whether you want a gentle crackle or a more pronounced effect.

Adjusting Sound Settings: Regulate the crackling sound using the include remote or control interface on the fireplace itself. However, you cannot connect the audio to remote speakers in your home.

Specs for the Klaus Electric Fireplace with Crackling Sound:

  • Dimensions: 35.04″ Wide x 26.99″ Tall x 8.78″ Deep
  • Trim Color: Black
  • Firebox: Log Set
  • Wattage: 750/1500 Watts
  • Voltage: 120 VoltsPuraflame Klaus Crackling Fireplace that Recesses and Plugs into Your Existing Mantel
  • Amps: 12.5
  • Plug-in, Cannot be Hard-Wired
  • Air Vent in Front
  • Heat Output: 4,600 BTU’s
  • Heating Area: Up to 400 Square Feet
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Package Includes Remote Control
  • Installation Instructions: User Manual
  • Model #: EF45B-OGF (Klaus)
  • Manufacturer: PuraFlame
  • Phone: 844-377-5786
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Fireplace Insert
Crackling Fireplace Dimensions for Recessing into Wall or Existing Mantel

The PuraFlame Klaus Fireplace Insert offers a captivating and realistic fire crackling sound, designed to mimic the ambiance of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Alternatively, the Comfort Smart Fire Cracker Sound Maker (only $30!) or the MagikFlame Fireplace, also offer realistic sound effects, including crackling sounds.