Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace – 2 Easy Install Options

Are you looking for a stainless steel electric fireplace? This recessed unit got my attention because it has a sleek, modern style – yet it fits with my industrial decor.

Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace - Recess into Wall or Hang on Wall

Not only does it have great style, but this 50-inch recessed electric fireplace is simple to install and comes with lots of cool features (including heat!).

Find a Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace for Your Wall:


The truth is, when I originally bought my own electric fireplace, I just wanted to save money. I knew that these units didn’t require venting, and I could operate the flames without paying for heat if I wanted.

However, since buying my fireplace back in 2015, I have discovered a lot more that I like about it. Mainly, it’s super convenient to use, it looks more realistic than I expected, and I always get comments from friends on how cool it looks. It has definitely added a lot more value to my home.

2 Ways You Can Mount this Electric Fireplace in/on a Wall:

This wall fireplace is also fairly easy to install. In fact, you can even hang it on a wall and plug it into a standard wall outlet. Use it in a cut out wall or cabinet as well.

Wall-Mounted Fireplace Options: Hang or Recess

That said, it’s designed to work as a recessed fireplace. When the frame lays flush with the wall, it has a cleaner style with a built-in look that simply looks more upscale.

However, Touchstone has simplified installation even if you decide to recess the unit into a wall. For example, the fireplace has a slim design, measuring only 5.5 inches in depth (so you don’t need as much space). Alternatively, you can build your own fireplace surround like this one to avoid cutting a hole in your wall.

On top of that, you can either hardwire or plug in the unit. And in all situations, no venting is required. This gives you more options as far as where you can put your fireplace. And, of course, it cuts the cost way down.

Electric Fireplace Design for Easy Installation & Heating

3 Ways to Use the Heat on Your Electric Fireplace:

1. First of all, this wall-mounted fireplace doubles as a heater and can warm a room up to 400 square feet. Therefore, you can use it for supplemental heating or warm a certain area of your home and reduce your whole-home energy bill.

2. Second, this model comes with a timer, so you can set the fireplace to heat for a period of time and then automatically shut off. This can also reduce unnecessary usage without you having to think about it.

3. Third, you can enjoy the flickering flames without running the heater at all. So, if you don’t need extra heat, you can enjoy the ambiance all day long for just pennies per hour.

Life-Like LED Flames Change Color:

9 Flame Colors of the Touchstone Electric Fireplace

The firebox give you several different visual options, so you can easily change the appearance of your fireplace. As a result, you can switch the flames depending on your mood at the moment.

For example, you Touchstone provides 9 different flame colors in both warm and cool tones. You can even choose white for something completely unexpected. The color-changing LED lights in electric fireplaces offer a big advantage over gas or wood-burning hearths.

In addition, you can select from one of 5 brightness settings. So, you can have a fire with bright yellow flames as the focal point of the room – or one with subdued tones that runs in the background.

Note: Also keep in mind that this package includes both a faux log set and crystal embers. Therefore, you can choose a modern, contemporary look or a more traditional look without having to decide before you buy.

Pros & Cons of a Stainless Steel Frame VS Black:

Let’s compare the advantages and drawbacks of having a stainless steel fireplace versus a standard black frame on an electric wall firebox:

FeatureStainless Steel FinishBlack Frame
Sleek ModernityInfuses modern vibe into space.Exudes timeless elegance.
Reflective BrillianceReflects light for added space and brightness.Conceals fingerprints and smudges.
Effortless MaintenanceEasy to clean, quick wipe for shining glory.Requires less cleaning.
Versatile MatchComplements any decor style and color scheme.Creates dramatic contrast with flames.
Fingerprint MagnetAttracts fingerprints, requiring frequent cleaning.Reflects less light for a bright ambiance.
Reflection ChallengeMay reflect less attractive surroundings.Dependent on color schemes.

Specs for the Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace:

  • Dimensions: 50 3/8″ Wide x 5 1/2″ Deep x 21 1/2″ Tall
  • Firebox Size: 46 7/7″ Wide x 20 1/4″ High
  • Installation: Recess or Hang on Wall
  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • Frame Color: Matte Stainless Steel
  • Heating Area: 400 Square FeetTouchstone Stainless Steel Frame Recessed Fireplace
  • 2 Heat Settings: High and Low
  • Wattage: 1500 Watts
  • BTU’s: 5,000
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Power: Plug-In or Hardwire
  • Thermostat (62 – 82F)
  • Timer: Yes
  • Vent-Free
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Includes Both Log Set & Crystal Ember Bed
  • Installation Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Model #: 86273
  • Manufacturer: Touchstone Home Products
  • Tech Support Phone: 888-978-3531
  • For Sale: Where to Buy the Electric Fireplace